Is SEO still really important for your blog?

power-of-blogDoes the methods that we have been doing for the past 5 years still apply to SEO on your blog? Over the past years it was the number of backlinks, link wheels, on page SEO terms, off page referrals from high authority sites, and a lot of “magic” software that would short cut these processes.

Answer: Not really! That is good news because the search engine algorithms have changed to the point of a blogger doing absolutely nothing beyond posting relevant and valuable content and just being “real” will have great SEO power!

However, there is a caviat to the above paragraph. You still need some source of where to grow your blog readership. The current answer is “paying” for your audience through social media marketing. It was due to happen eventually. That is the reason for Facebook ads to take off this year. The traffic is cheap and you can attract your target audience.

Important: I never thought there would come a day where I would say this, but it is not important to track Google anymore! Yes, you heard it! While everyone was worrying how to “game” Google, trying to find the latest “loop-hole” or changing tactics to “cheat” the Google system whenever they change their algorithm. Folks, you can rest easy now and not practice anything that has to do with serving up on your blog, what Google wants in order to get top spot on page one.

As stated above in my “answers” section, you need to pay attention to your blog and make that the center of your universe!

  1. Drive paid traffic to your blog
  2. create several “call to actions” on your blogBe helpful and link to articles outside
  3. your blog that are relevant to your niche
  4. Develop a strong email follow up sequence for visitors who opt in to your email ist

That’s about it! Nothing complicated! It was all about growing your audience in the first place. There is always room for you in the blogosphere¬† about what topic you write about. Just keep your eye on the prize of slowly but surely growing your audience on your blog.

How has blogging has evolved?

Over the past two years, I have come to the realization that blogging has now evolved into four camps.

The first, which is strictly on a personal level and that it still is an outlet for people to spill their guts with feelings, opinions, and down right rants. This type of blogging has been going on for over 10 years now and continues to evolve in its own right as a presence on the internet that still commands followers, some of which have exploded into large groups.

The second is purely entertainment. It could be Hollywood gossip, which makes up the largest of group of of bloggers.

Special interest groups like gun owners, mommy blogs, political, or even how to put on make up, are big in the blogosphere.

Lastly, there are the thought leaders. These can be anyone from billionaire Richard Branson, billionaire car maker Elon Musk, politico Mike Huckabee, and Bill Gates to name a few.

Whatever you believe blogging has evolved into, there will still be people who “move” and “shake” up the status quo with their thoughts and opinions.

Blogging Is Your Best Chance At Online Success

blog imageBlogging has been one of the best ways to promote a business while offering the opportunity to reach a large audience and make money in the process.

A big advantage of blogging about a topic you are passionate about or have expertise in, is that you are able to connect with everyone in the world that is interested in you. Remember, that when you put up a site, you are immediately able to be seen by anyone in the world! That’s huge, because before the world wide web, you would have had to spend so much time and money to get distribution by way of brokers or publications or other means and there would be no guarantees that you would get a lot of coverage for your brand and business.

Blogs are now synonymous with websites and have built in advantages of excellent SEO. So, with building a blog, which can now take about 5 minutes to put up, and the immediate SEO capabilities you can choose from inside the blog, you have the best chance to make a success of your online business using a blog.

I predict that blogs will outlast most social media sites because they come and go and they get “old” pretty fast! In the high tech field, especially marketing online with high tech, innovations and the changing tastes in your target market cause you to always find the cutting edge of marketing online.

The blog platform is the best way to weather through any online marketing method, no matter how media develops outside of your blog.

Marketing concepts will still be the same as utilized even from the 1950’s but the blog platform will live on to carry the means of perfect marketing to your target market.

3 Things You Should Do Today With Your Blog

blog-marketingThere are 3 things that you should do today with your blog.

First, update it to the latest theme possible. I’m not talking the latest version of the platform, but the theme. Themes that as old as two years ago may not be totally functional because of the progress the blog platform has made. We are talking about WordPress, which is the most popular platform being used today. For instance, the newer blog themes are “responsive” which means that if the blog site is viewed with an iPhone or a portable tablet, the blog site will automatically resize the site so that it is easy to navigate and pleasing in design. Gone are the days where the blog site will be only partially seen or “miniaturized” so small that it is unreadable.

Second, you should make your blog “lighter” in design and less busy looking. Remove some pictures, delete some affiliate ads, and any other extraneous things. A blog with less items on it will load faster in all browsers. That will give you “brownie” points with the search engines. It seems that the websites with so much loaded in it and way too much buttons and images actually slow down a site.

Lastly, make sure you blog is tied, and linked to all your social media properties. You may have heard of “link wheels,” a technique that SEO companies used to make for their clients. It was a series of interconnected websites that, would in the way they were linked together, would give you more ranking in the search engines. Now, all you need is a blog, your Facebook, Twitter, maybe a Squidoo site, or Pinterest all linked together. Just a small group of sites that you can be active on each one and linked together. You can build up visitor traffic between all linked sites in no time.

Blogging has come a very long way since 15 years ago before it became main stream. Today, blogs are really full blown, main websites for world class fortune 100 companies. Whether it is a magazine style format or a one person operation out of a home, blogs have taken over the world!

Currently there are over 67 million WordPress blogs in existence today. For complete stats about WordPress blogs, go to


Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is becoming more popular now because of the way search engines are changing the way of ranking your website.

What is blog marketing? Simply put, it is the method of making valuable and relevant blog articles into your blog on a regular basis. Blogging is a lot simpler than you may think. What is required is that you put up a website, preferably on a blogging platform, and have a pleasing but simple design, and schedule regular content that is going to be very interesting to your visitors.

Consider your blog like a daily newspaper that gets delivered to your visitors door once a week, every other day, or even everyday. If you keep your regular “subscribers” because you keep delivering consistent and relevant content to your “readers,” you can’t help but preserve your readership and gain loyalty. In blogging, and keeping that loyalty, you can then market any additional product or service to these readers.

This is what you should strive for. Blog marketing is simple.

  • Keep your format simple
  • Consistently feed your blog with relevant articles
  • Make it a goal to develop a loyal following
  • Add products and offers to your following that they would find valuable

You cannot go wrong with these easy steps. Most businesses fail in the consistent follow up with feeding your blog with articles. Make a point to schedule a regular posting regime and you will be successful.

What’s Working In SEO for 2013

seoWith the past year and a half of Google cracking down on scraped content, automated backlinking, and “over doing” SEO, it forces you to think of doing SEO in a completely different way.

Google has been emphasizing high quality information on websites along with “natural” looking backlinks and most of all more social media interaction.

If we are to compare what high search ranking is as compared to high quality information, natural backlinks and social media interaction, it is basically the same thing as saying you site is participating in a “popularity” contest of sorts.

What is SEO, really? It is a race to get your website to the first page of search and preferably the number one top spot, there. According to Google with their “hot map” research on where visitors are likely to click, if you rank in the number one position on the first page of Google, you stand to get about 42% of all clicks for that niche or topic. It dramatically drops off to 11% for second place, 7% of all clicks for third place, and from there, it goes down, down, down.

So, armed with knowing you have to be concerned with:

  1. high quality/relevant information
  2. secure naturally looking backlinks from low, medium and high authority sites
  3. active and interactive with social media

In addition, I would also suggest to be more proactive in getting ranked for the “longer tail” keywords. Long tail keywords are defined here.

Long tail keywords initially meant a little longer keyword phrase within the same or related to the niche you are in. In 2013, you need to rank for the longer tail keywords/phrases. This means that most of the competition has most of the shorter long tail keywords taken and is very competitive to even compete with those. Now, you need to capture the more obscure and longer keyword phrases that cover your niche.

So, for example, let’s say your keyword is “knitting.” A typical long tail keyword would be “cross stitch knitting” or “cross stitch knitting patterns.” Now, consider using a longer phrase such as, “cross stitching knitting instructions for beginners video…” Doing a longer tail keyword phrase does two things for you. 1) it allows you to rank higher in the search engines in a much shorter time. 2) it allows you to stay on page on, number one almost forever, which is great because then it becomes a “set and forget” way of doing SEO.

So remember, the smartest thing you can do for 2013 is to revamp your practice of how you get your ranking. If you follow the main three steps listed above, you can’t go wrong.

In our next blog post, we will be going deeper into how you use interactivity in the social media world to attract more visitors and get more customers to your business.

The Fail Proof Way To Market Your Business Online

internet_marketingIf you plan at all to successfully market your business online, you have to be focused, so focused that you will think of nothing else for several months while you are building your very successful group of online real estate to build a powerhouse of internet notoriety that no competitor will be able to touch you regarding search engine rank and authority in the field.

Here is my pics for you to focus your business presence on:


Website links category

  • squidoo
  • weebly
  • wix

Images category

  • flickr
  • photo bucket

Video category

  • youtube
  • vimeo
  • daily motion
  • metacafe

Presentation category


Document category

  • Scribd

Profile category

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linked In
  • Google +

PR category

  • PrWeb

This is a very long list, but the big secret of the “Big dogs” of the online marketing use everyone of these online properties to control the first page of search engines.

We are going to put together a “cliff notes” version of how to put all these together for your business. If you put your business on each and every one of the above sites, you will rule your industry. You won’t even have competition! Think for a bit, what business, that you know of uses EVERY one of the above sites simultaneously? Yes, sure there are businesses that use maybe a couple of these sites, but not all of them at the same time.

It may sound like a lot to be registered with and also keep feeding content to these sites, but there is a reason to be in all of them. All of the above sites are either 2,000 rank or down to rank 2 in Alexa rating. What that means is that, just having content on everyone of these sites combined, is going to ride on the “coat tails” of all these top ranked sites, consequently will make your site on the top 5 on first page of any search engine.

Of course, you have to couple this with the fundementals of keyword research to make sure your on page SEO is optimized. Everything we list above is going to take care of any and all “off page” SEO that you could ever imagine!

Now, you don’t don’t ever have to worry about what search engine giants like Google to bat you down for whatever reason. Whether Google or any other search engine changes their algorithm or not, you will forever rank and stay on first page of all their search pages.

Now how’s that for the ultimate piece of advice to get you ranked on first page and probably the number one position. It’s not easy to get everything set up because there is so much work to register with these sites and either generate your content or insert your content to make each submission meaningful.

The rewards are HUGE! You will never have to pay for an SEO company again.


Exciting News – New Innovative Blogging Program Coming!

Everyone, stay tuned for some new blogging tips and tricks coming in January!
We will be providing some unique methods in blogging that will just blow you away! Whether you’re in business or a personal blogger, you will enjoy what is to follow.

Coming in the first week of January, we will share some valuable blogging methods that can help give you a big boost if you need attention on the internet!

Wishing all of you a productive and prosperous New Year!

Bruce Inouye – Your Blogmeister

Blogging Is Still King for 2013

I may be one of the few bloggers out there that still believes in blogging going forward, but there is a lot of truth in my statement. I can’t lie, the future, which is just around the corner in 2013, is mobile devices. Mobile devices such as iPad, and smart phones will be the primary way people will be getting their content from any source they are interested in.

As we start to market ourselves on the internet, we have to be very aware of where our content will be seen….that is’ where it will be seen from. Blogging was simply a matter of getting to your desktop and posting content and having it viewed on these portable devices. Yes, you can even make blog posts from your smart phone, but really, how practical is that? If you make a post with over 500 words, do you think it would be wise to type all that content from your smart phone? I don’t think so!

I also believe that the desktop will still be an important part of the blogging process. Within our hard drives, we have saved many rough drafts of blog posts to put on our blog for future dates. We may have even saved pictures, videos, slide shows, and other content that we will insert in future posts. Where, may I ask is all that data going to be stored temporarily until ready to post to the smart devices out there?

Call me “old school” already but the internet will always have the need for blogs. And more importantly, bloggers are still going to be very relevant to “world” society. There is always a “teacher” and a “student.” Or a “reporter” and a “reader.” Or a “product/service” and a “customer.”

Too all you bloggers out there, this is still the beginning of a new information age. We can rule our own niche or industry or whatever field or topic we choose. As business people blogging, there is even more power in capturing customers through serving up valuable content to your target market and get people to sign up to your email list or buy your product.

Never have we been in a time in business where, if we can continue to blog successfully, you can make all the money and business you want. You are only limited by your imagination.

Be creative, optimistic, prolific with your posts, and consistent, and you can’t fail at your business!

Cheers to your blogging success for 2013.


Reputation Management Tips

customer serviceAlong with putting up a successful blog to brand your business, you also need to manage your online “reputation.”

What is online reputation? Simply put, it is how your customers and visitors to your site tell other people about your business. This can have a very dramatic affect on your business. You may or may not know that someone made a negative comment about your business whether they had tried your product or service or not. They may simply be a customer who used your product in a wrong way or have a grudge against you or your business for some reason. Mind you, most of the negative comments made about your business are not justified.

But how do you combat these negative reviews and comments? You have to set up systems where you aggressively go after the complaint and “nip it in the bud.” You have to be able to react almost immediately with your own feedback when a negative comment is made.

Second, you have to set up another system where you ask for feedback the moment your customer purchases your service or uses your service. They can be in the form of filling out a comment card, asking for the customer to fill in an online form, or calling in with their feedback to your customer service department. In any case, you should be able to gather feedback in an ongoing basis to keep on top of any and all comments made.

If you take a more proactive approach to this potential problem, then you can actually improve your revenue because you will have a stable of very satisfied customers and you can piggy back a referral program on top of that. Happy customers will gladly refer you to other people who could use your service or product!


The 3 Things Google Wants To Get Higher Ranking

Search engine giant, Google wants three basic things to give higher ranking to any website. According to Matt Cutts, one of the key Google developer managers, the three things needed are:

  1. Outstanding User Experience
  2. Great Content
  3. Blog with Fresh Content

The first, being outstanding user experience, well, we can translate that into everything from loading speed of the site, the elegant design, easy navigation, no spammy ads, a good spread of images and videos, connections to social media sites, a good amount of inbound links, also a good amount of outbound links, relevant content to the topic of the site, authority site-must have command of the topic and be a high quality reference for visitors to come back to, a good amount of followers, and a site that is dedicated to be online for the long term for the purpose of its visitors.

Great content is obvious. This refers to content that is totally relevant to the topic of the site. It should not be rehashed from any place on the internet, it should be original content that shows expert status, it should attract regular and new visitors, it should have content that makes visitors want to share with others who never visited this site before, it should not be “spun” or rehashed within itself as spinning for “spin” sake.

Great content should also be more that 450 words per post. It used to be that a good post could have about 150 to 200 words per article but now, the requirement for good content has now been increased.

Lastly, Matt Cutts mentioned having a blog attached to the website in some fashion. This could be a blog component attached to a static website or it could also be the blog itself as the main website.

A blog is an excellent vehicle for promoting new content and pinging the search engines to attract attention so that it can help get higher page rankings. When fresh content is added to any website, search engines love this because any new content gets pushed to the top of the search page.

It is common sense that only the latest world news or anything new from any website get to the top of the search pages because that is what is going to make a web visitor click on that page. We all want the latest news, whether it is from Hollywood, Wall Street, Sports, or anything else in our lives. We need only the latest news to discus with our friends, relatives and associates.

We live in a “we want it now” generation and only the latest information is gold.

With all this said, what does this mean for search engine optimization methods that we used in the past 12 months?

It means that the three things now mentioned here are going to be stressed more than backlinks, link wheels, mass directory postings, or any other “creative” ways you have been taught to SEO a site.

It certainly keeps SEO companies and any webmaster on their toes to keep their site on the first page of Google.

We have a short video below that shows an interview with the “famous” Matt Cutts from Google discussing these three things.

Blogging Continues to Be Relevant to Your Business

blog imageWelcome back to Blog Marketing Experts. We have been away for a while but will continue to add important information that you can use regarding blogging for your business.

Blogging continues to be the best form of online communication for your business. Why? You ask? It is because it is the only form of online presence that will allow visitors to continue to interact with you and your site. Your blog is capable of giving value to your customers in the form of the latest news within your industry along with special discounts or bonuses you can offer in a timely manner.

Blogs are user friendly to you, the business owner, because you can come in anytime and add, articles, images and video. That is about all you need know to produce a successful, ongoing blog site.

Currently, blog sites are just considered “websites.” There used to be a difference calling a blog a blog and website (usually HTML) but now blogs and websites are often referring to the same.

So from now on, our blog posts will refer here to websites as opposed to blogs. Just about 100% of all blog sites have a blog component to it so literally all sites are now blogs. If that doesn’t already confuse you!

Using Article Directories to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

I found an interesting video from Katie Dubois that talks about submitting articles to online article directories to get visitors to your blog site. If you can see past the inferior audio quality of this video, you will get great value from what is revealed here to submit an article. This procedure also applies to any website or online property that you want to attract traffic to. Enjoy.